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If you have followed my artwork for some time or scrolled back through the archives of social media, you’ve probably seen something growing amongst the beach scenes and florida landscapes - pineapples. The tropical fruit has held its place on my palette since sometimes in 2012 when I was instructing paint and sip style classes in a little studio in Juno Beach. This studio, though no longer in action, still holds a special place in my own growth, not just as a painter, but as a hostess, since it was part of my job to make sure that all attendees and participants felt welcome to explore their creativity and have a great time discovering (or re-discovering) the joys of painting! There was a popular pineapple design that was one of the crowd favorites which frequented our class calendar, and since those classes way back, I’ve kept up my appreciation for the fruit by creating many iterations of my own pineapple paintings. Pineapples have that undeniable ability to bring a sense of hospitality and lightheartedness, and I’ve had the joy of seeing it so many times on the faces of people walking into my booth at art shows, or hanging their very own pineapple piece in their home, a little slice of what I refer to as “everyday magic”. 

If you would like to have your own pineapple or maybe give a sweet hostess gift - check out my shop where you can pick your own fresh from Florida pineapple! 

Stay Sunny! - Sarah