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A day with Vineyard Vines


In early April (how is it already mid-June?!), I had my first experience collaborating with a whale of a clothier. Badum tss! I would sheepishly apologize for that joke but I’m pretty sure “dad puns” are on-brand for Vineyard Vines, a bright and cheery - don’t take life too seriously - accessories and clothing company founded in Martha’s Vineyard by brothers Shep and Ian Murray in 1998. Their trademark pink whale logo and preppy sensibility have taken off and developed into 70 stores and 97 retailers nationwide.

I had seen the brand around and could recognize it on the street, but I didn’t know much else about them. News flash - I’m not a big clothes shopper. You’ve seen me wearing paint covered overalls all over town, right? So I was pleasantly surprised when the opportunity came up to do a photoshoot with Vineyard Vines in collaboration with my friend and fellow local artist, Carly Mejeur, for their upcoming women’s summer collection. After making contact with us through Instagram, the plans fell in motion over a series of emails with the team who would be flying in to shoot with us!

Honestly, the whole day felt like I was hanging out with Carly and three new friends who just so happened to be toting cameras. It was that chill, that fun, and really on point with their slogan “every day should feel this good.” We started the day at Jupiter Off-Leash Dog Beach and my fur baby Dex got to be a part of the shoot, too. We then headed to our pop-up studio space at R2H Modern art gallery and did some creating on canvas. After that, we took a trip to our favorite juice and smoothie shop in Jupiter, Modern Juice Company, and finally, we ended the day strolling around on Worth Ave on Palm Beach Island. We did it all styled in cute, relaxed, coastal clothes that had a professional beachgoer kind of vibe.

Kat Kellerman the stylist, along with Sydney Sheehan the photographer, and Jacob True the videographer made an easygoing, professional trio. I owe them a debt of gratitude for all the cheesy jokes that kept our smiles and laughs genuine all day. So when it comes to wearing and working with Vineyard Vines, I definitely think every day should feel this good.